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Training Empty Training

Post by Vegeta on Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:40 pm

Training From

There are three types of training you can do, they are gravity training,Normal Training, and ki Deflecting Machine Training. You may only train ONCE a week only please, you may only do another if you are to do so.

Gravity Training Form

Our gravity is based on how high the number is, 100vVg's Being high and 20vVg's being low. Your character's body may only be able to take up a certain amount of gravity, if the training is too great for your character then he can die in this training process. For each 100 pl you have is 50 gravity you can do, for example if my character had a 200 power level, then the most gravity he could take is 100vV G's. You must have a gravity machine to use this training, you can buy this at your planets local shopping store. There will be amount of days you can do this in your training post, this means for each day you do training you will get extra gains, but each day you do it is - 50 stamina.
WARNING- Your character can die during this, if you go over your limit then a admin/mod will tell you went over your bodies limit and you will die automatically.

+ 30 stats for each 100vV's you do( plus an extra +5 in strength and + 5 in speed)

Ki Deflecting Training

A machine will fire ki blast at you, you can set the speed and power of the ki deflecting machine. You must buy the ki blasting machine at your local planet store in order to do this type of training. When you set the power of the ki blasting machine then you have to be able to deflect it, the settings are 1-1000 strength, the higher it goes the stronger the blast. For each 100 strength you have, is an extra 5 strength of ki blast you can take, don't go over your bodies limit or you will die. When you set the speed the setting are also 1-1000, you must have a good amount of speed in your stats to do this. For each 10 speed setting you must have at least 100 speed, for example if i set it to 30 speed then i must have 300 speed in your stats page in your profile. You can do this an extra day, but each day is -50 stamina.
WARNING- If you go over your bodies limit then you can die, so do your calculations right

+50 stat(an extra +20 in speed)

Regular training

In this training will be the simpliest of them all, all you have to do in buy some training gear and train your butt off. The weights of the training gear will be weight by pounds, for each 100 pound you must have 100 strength. For example if you buy a 500 pound ankle weights then you must have 500 strength, failing to do this can cause injury or death. Each day you do this is -50 stamina, once you 0 in stamina you will die.

Regular Training - Push Ups and crunches

In this mode you will be doing push ups and crunches under a great amount of gravity, there are a couple of ways to do it. There are four ways to do this, these are all five fingers,two fingers, upside down, and upside down with a certain type of weight on you, and crunches. Dont run outta Stamina or you will die...

Training Gear Training:
Training 15xrdpj

Gains- + 5 for each 50 pounds in each stat( plus +10 in strength)
Each day - 50 stamina

Training Rhsx8x
Gains: +5 all stats( Per Rep )
PL Requirement: 700

-10 stamina ( Per Rep )

Push-Ups all five fingers
Training 344dph3
Gains: + 10 all stats ( Per Rep )
PL Requirement: 800

-15 stamina ( Per Rep )

Push-Ups Two Fingers
Training 30c4snn
Gains: + 15 each stat ( Per Rep)
PL Requirement: 1500

-25 stamina ( Per Rep)

U-side down Push-up
Training 35jynwo
Gains: + 25 each stat ( Per Rep )
PL Requirement: 2000

-35 stamina

Training forms

Gravity training

Amount of gravity:

For how many days:

Training Gear:

How many pounds in training Gear:

Ki deflecting

Speed of Machine:

Strength of machine:'

For how long:

Training Gear:

Pounds of training gear:

Normal Training

Training Gear:

Pounds of training Gear:

How long:

Push - Ups

Type of Training(Push ups 5 fingers,2 fingers, upside down. Or crunches) :

How many Reps :

Under How much gravity:

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Training Empty Re: Training

Post by Tairu on Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:11 pm

Gravity Training
(This is the Gravity Training Chart)
x2, PL Needed: 300= +1 all stats (+4 ki, +8 pl)
x3, PL: 500= +2 all stats (+8 ki, +16 pl)
x4, PL: 800= +3 all stats (+12 ki, +24 pl)
x5, PL: 1,000= +4 all stats (+16 ki, +32 pl)
x10, PL: 2,000= +10 all stats (+40 ki, +80 pl)
x15, PL: 4,000= +15 all stats (+60 ki, +120 pl)
x20, PL: 6,000= +18 all stats (+72 ki, +144 pl)
x25, PL: 8,000= +21 all stats (+84 ki, +168 pl)
x30, PL: 10,000= +25 all stats (+100 ki, +200 pl)
x35, PL: 14,000= +30 all stats (+120 ki, +240 pl)
x40, PL: 18,000= +35 all stats (+140 ki, +280 pl)
x45, PL: 22,000= +40 all stats (+160 ki, +320 pl)
x50, PL: 26,000= +45 all stats (+180 ki, +360 pl)
x55, PL: 31,000= +50 all stats (+200 ki, +400 pl)
x60, PL: 36,000= +55 all stats (+220 ki, +440 pl)
x65, PL: 41,000= +60 all stats (+240 ki, +480 pl)
x70, PL: 46,000= +65 all stats (+260 ki, +520 pl)
x75, PL: 51,000= +70 all stats (+280 ki, +560 pl)
x80, PL: 57,000= +75 all stats (+300 ki, +600 pl)
x85, PL: 70,000= +80 all stats (+320 ki, +640 pl)
x90, PL: 80,000= +85 all stats (+340 ki, +680 pl)
x95, PL: 90,000= +90 all stats (+360 ki, +720 pl)
x100, PL: 100,000= +95 all stats (+380 ki, +760 pl)
x105, PL: 115,000= +100 all stats (+400 ki, +800 pl)

Training 6f2w4710

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Training Empty Re: Training

Post by Vegeta on Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:40 pm

*added push ups and other various things

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Training Empty Re: Training

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