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Post by Ritzusen on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:28 am

Appearance:Ritzusen 27355_100000907936988_4169_n

Name: Ritzusen




Personality:: Ritzusen is a kind guy but can be your worst enemy if he finds out that you're up to no good.

Marital Status/Crushes: Single

Starting Planet: Vegeta

Alignment: Good


Techniques(Follow the template): Ki blade-A blade of ki placed on the finger tips and is used to slice and dice opponents and things.

History: The history of Ritzusen written by his grandfather Prometheus and his father, Ritzusen Sr.

Planet Vegeta 500 years ago

It was a typical day on Vegeta. Scouters beeping,saiyans leaving for assignments, and babies in their incubators. Two saiyans walked by dressed in the typical saiyan suit. Armor,a scouter and shoes. Their tails were wrapped around their waist as they walked with their heads held high and their arms folded. They were in charge of all of the babies inside the incubator. One sat down and checked the incubators. "Ah," He said, "It seems we have a new one." He had a weird haircut that looked like a messed up comb over. His accomplice stood beside him and started to fit his scouter on. The pictures and designs whirled around and then came to a halt.

"The power level is about 10,000," He said,"He's not low class but he could pass for a soldier.

"And what shall we name him?" The other saiyan asked.

"I really don't know Borukhan." The saiyan replied. The saiyan obviously Borukhan spun in his chair and started to think.

"Let's give him two names," Borukhan said,"One could be more human like Jonathan and the other could be more saiyan like Zircon." His friend nodded. "I'm glad you agree with me Wreck."He said. The two exited the first room and walked into the room full of incubators. They inscribed his name underneath the glass. As they left,Zircon opened his eyes. For a few years there had been debate about whether they should send him off to another planet or not. Borukhan and Wreck argued their points.

"But sir," Wreck started,"This could be your greatest warrior!"

"I don't care!" Said the king of planet Vegeta at that time,"Its either death or he gets sent to another planet." Year after year of debate the king got tired and let him stay on Vegeta. One morning when Zircon was about five years old they put him in a room with about six Saibamen.

"Are you ready Zircon?" Borukhan asked. Zircon smiled.

"Yes I am." He replied. The Saibamen jumped at him out of nowhere. Being smart,Zircon watched their movements. He had seen the first few punches coming. Zircon grabbed their fists and crunched them with all of his might. Then he shot an energy wave at them. After that he gained all the strength he could muster and punched all of the with a roundhouse hook.

"Impressive Zircon," Borukhan said,"You'll be of great service to the king." Zircon smiled and then exited the room towards his bedroom where he laid down on the bed.

Zircon was a kid that could not sleep for more than two hours. His mind was filled with questions and curiosities about this planet and the universe. He sat up in his bed and had his arms wrapped around his knees rocking back and forth. Borukhan walked by and seen him sitting up. "Lights out little man." He said turning off the light.

"Wait!" Zircon yelled. The saiyan turned around and entered the young boys room.

"What is it?" Borukhan asked.

"It's just that I have so many questions and it seems that the world can only answer some of them," He started,"I have a question for you,did you get your hair styled differently over the years?"

"Yes I did," Borukhan answered,"I just wanted my hair to grow out instead of that ridiculous thing that I used to call a comb over." The young saiyan smiled at Borukhan. Zircon was the closest thing that Borukhan had to a son and Borukhan was the closest thing that Zircon had to a father.

"I also wanted to ask another question." Zircon said.

"And what is that?" The adult saiyan asked.

"When will the king give me an assignment?" The young boy asked.

"I'll request one for tomorrow." Borukhan answered. Zircon smiled and then laid back down in the bed. "Now go to sleep before you and I get in trouble for staying up past curfew." The saiyan said. He turned the lights back out and shut the door. Then, with his questions answered,Zircon fell asleep. After what seemed like a few minutes to the boy was morning time. A knock came at the door. Zircon opened it and saw that it was Borukhan. "The king wanted me to tell you that you now have an assignment and I'm coming with you." He said. The young boy entered a state of shock and then jumped up and down.

"I can't wait to go on the trip there!" He yelled,"Where are we going?" He asked.

"To Guardost," He answered,"We've got to bring a few Felixes in because they stole are goods. The mission is to retrieve the scouters and the other items and take casualties that stand in our way." Zircon smiled and followed Borukhan out of the door. He followed the saiyan into the preparations room and watched as they were getting their scouters and their armors fitted on. Once it was Zircon's turn the saiyans smiled.

"So the little one is going on a mission to eh?" He asked. They burst out into laughter all across the room. Borukhan turned around and grabbed one of them by the collar of his armor.

"Listen here punk," He said,"This kid is our future he could be ten times stronger than you in the next year! So what I recommend for you to do is show him some respect unless you want pick up your teeth off of the ground." The saiyans were frightened by his threat and gave him his armor and scouter without a word. Zircon smiled at his close friend.

"Thanks for standing up for me." He said.

"No problem," Borukhan answered,"They need to show more respect to everyone else anyways." They walked into their space pods and sat down. Borukhan was used to this feeling but Zircon wasn't. He twisted and turned in his pod until he was too tired to move. Soon the space pods were in motion and off to planet Guardost.

Within a few hours he and his close friend Borukhan were there at Guardost. "I see why the king assigned us here,"The saiyan said,"It's so beautiful. I hope he lets us take this planet over." The two made a crash landing. The leather seats were made to protect them from the impact. Soon the doors slid open. A few steps extended out for the two saiyans to walk on. They walked onto the bright green grass and looked up into the sky. "It's red," Borukhan said,"Just like planet Vegeta's." Zircon had so much excitement built up in him that he wanted to talk all day. But he knew he had a mission and was going to try and talk about more important things until the job was done. After a few miles of walking the elite and the soldier were near their destination.

"Is that the building up there?" Zircon asked. His partner nodded and pressed the on button on his scouter. He turned towards his friend.

"40,000!" He yelled,"That's high!" Zircon and Borukhan flew towards the building with great speed and in a matter of seconds they were there. "Turn your scouter on," Borukhan said,"You need to be able to sense something coming at you." Just then Zircon's scouter started beeping.

"Looks like we've found them!" He yelled. The young boy turned to where the arrow on his scouter was pointing and had seen his first Felix. "Time for me to break that long nose of yours." He said cocking his fist back. He unleashed a hard punch that surprised the Felix.

"Your such a little thing and you have so much power in your punch," The Felix said,"How about I introduce my self,I'm Ninyha, the Felix who will kill you!" After his sentence was finished he shot an energy wave at the two saiyans. Zircon sidestepped the wave as well as Borukhan.

"That was pretty powerful," He said reading the indications on his scouter,"Now let me show you what I've got." The young boy rushed in with his fists and feet flying. After a few seconds the Felix was bruised and bloody. The long nosed creature picked it's self up holding it's face.

"I thought I would have to do this," Ninyha started,"Reinforcements!" A crowd of 10 to twenty men surrounded the two saiyans. "10 of us 2 of you," He said,"You all are no match!"

The two saiyans were out numbered but they weren't going to give up yet. They smiled at each other and charged at the Felixes. After an onslaught of attack the two saiyans were covered in blood. "We made it look like a bomb was in here." Borukhan said. the two flew into the air and walked into a factory full of Felixes shipping their scouters off. "Hey!"The saiyan yelled,"Everybody stop working and give us back our scouters. If you don't cooperate with us we will harm you." At first there was silence. Then a daring Felix started to laugh. Zircon shot an energy wave at him.

"We're not playing!" He yelled,"Give us the scouters!" The Felixes looked at each other. After that,they charged. "Foolish move!" The young boy yelled he threw a flurry of punches and kicks and then finished it off with an energy wave.

"Maybe next time they'll listen." The saiyan said. Borukhan grabbed his communication device and put it inside of his ear. "We have the scouters at the factory," He said,"We're just waiting on you all to get them." After about ten minutes, a large cargo ship landed near the factory. "Time to load these bad boys up." Borukhan said. It did not take but a few minutes for the saiyans to return their scouters and other equipment back to base.

20 years later...

Zircon was still in his same room for all of his life. Though the bed was a bit small for him at times it was still a great place for him to walk down memory lane. Soon a messenger walked to the door. "The king has sent you on an assignment," He said,"He wants you to go on this newer planet that they just built and quickly destroy it. If you don't planet Vegeta will be at risk!" Zircon smiled. He walked out towards his space pod and got inside. After twenty years of assignments a small discomfort inside of a space pod doesn't seem like much. Soon the pod went right out of orbit. The heat started flare up and sweat started to drip off of his head. Soon it was out of orbit. After awhile he wondered what planet he was going to land on. Then he soon realized the horrible truth. "Those coordinates lead to the sun!" He screamed. His space pod slammed towards the fiery hot surface.


Not much is known about Joanie and she doesn't know much about herself. But one thing she can remember was finding her future husband near death. She grabbed him and took him home to take care of him. Over the years they explained to each other their culture. Soon they had a son named Prometheus.

Prometheus' life was normal until his dad left him. "Why would you do this to your wife and son?" Joanie asked with tears in her eyes. He quickly turned around and left to go to another family. As he left Prometheus tried to follow him out of the door.

"Daddy," He said,"Where are you going?" He did not answer and simply flew away. That night the young saiyan realized how much he hated his father. But he moved on. After awhile Prometheus had to get a job because his mother was not able to support him. The young saiyan decided to do what he did best,fight. It was a Saturday night when he applied for his job. All seemed normal until screams of terror were heard.

"What the heck?" The man at the desk said. He stood up and then started to walk outside. He ran back in and looked back out as if something were chasing him. "Oh shoot!" He yelled,"There's an eighteen armed monster!" Prometheus walked outside and then looked up at him.

"There's not going to be anything stopping him." He said. But then the saiyan/Konatsa-jin thought for a second or two. "Maybe we can stall him until the doctors come up with an antidote." Prometheus said. He ran to the store and brought out many paintball guns. "This should tick him off." The young man said. He ran and handed everyone he could see a gun. Then they just started to shoot. After minutes and minutes the doctor came out with an antidote. Once he injected it the monster fell to the ground in agony and shrunk. Many people wanted to get a piece of him and then Prometheus yelled,"I've got it!" The people did not argue and let him grab the man. He flew into the air and took him into an alley. He threw him down with great authority. "You could've killed us!"The mixed breed said.

"Please don't hurt me!" The man yelled. Prometheus had an ear to ear grin on his face. He put his fist into his hand and started punching. "What are you doing?" The man asked. The Konatsa-Jin warrior then punched the man in the face. His teeth went flying and blood was dripping everywhere. The saiyan smiled again.

"How about a second punch?" He asked.

"Nooo!" The man yelled. Prometheus then punched him in the face. The man was soon out cold.

"I sure pack a mean punch," The saiyan said,"I'm going to go back to get a job." Once he got there he was given the job and still is fighter today fighting many tough opponents. After this,nothing much happened.

Later, Prometheus had a son named Ritzusen. He would go on to have 3 kids with the love of his life, Grayson. Their names were Kijin, Ritzusen, and Kia. Ritzusen Sr. is now missing and is rumored to be on Earth. Ritzusen and his brother are in search as we speak.

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Awesome buddy well hey I will put together your character sheet and then you may start role playing.

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