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Crush Sphere

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Crush Sphere

Post by Tarble on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:01 pm

Technique Name - Crush Sphere

Technique Type - (Rush Attack, Ultimate Attack, Kai Attack) Kai

That type of Kai( If its a kai attack or the ultimate attack is a kai) - Ball

(If Kai) Color - Orange/Yellow/Red

How to learn it - You must see something that could make any person lose control and wanna kill someone over something (In Goku's case it was losing a good meal)

Any Form You Must Be - None

Info - This attack is Goku's breakthrough attack. He usually uses it whenever he needs a super boost. He can also re-direct this attack if he ever misses the first hit.

How to perform it - Form your arms like a Kamehameha, then you push them out like Galick Gun.

History Of Attack- Goku first learned this after seeing someone taking his food that took a long time to prepare. He had got someone to cook it for him and now he had to fight for it, he almost lost the food in the fight as well. He then made up an attack in his head and hit his opponent with it at ten fold and killed them and took the food back.

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