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Rath of Havoc

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Rath of Havoc

Post by RileyDaKid on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:24 pm

Technique Name - Rath of Havoc

Technique Type - Rush Attack

That type of Kai( If its a kai attack or the ultimate attack is a kai) - Its a rush attack

(If Kai) Color - None

How to learn it - This move was pass down from generation to generation in Davions, and his best friend Lawrence's family. Because Davion doesn't know his family his friend Lawrence thought him the move

Any Form You Must Be -

Info -

How to perform it - There was a bitter silence... Davion Base the Trunks produgy student stud in the center od the legendary Arena of Darkness we his master Trunk once call the home of the founder group "Freedomfighter" Davion Base tired as can be stood tall as the hot sun beated down on his sweaty face. "12 more," He mummbled before readying his Sword. HIs eyes turn into there silver color as a mist of Gold aura started to form around him.

Davion power level began to rise. 5,000 7,500, 10,500. He stopped there. Davion pointed his sword to a large rock he was Using a practice dummy. All the old stuff at the Arena was gone. It looked kinda old and beat up. Davion used instant trasmission to teleport behind the rock. He slashed it one before kicking it hight in to the blue summer sky.

"Ugh.." He used the instant transmission again to get to were to rock was. Using his master sword skills he slahed the rock rapidly before kicking i back down. "Pewww, forgot to other 11 that was 78 already ima take a quick break." Davion said as ge laid on the dirt ground.

The batter Davion got up ready for another go. His goal is to master and improve the Havocian attack "The Rath of Havoc" He rushed at the same rock but this time not sword first. Davion swung his foot around to kick the boulder to the side before quickly kicking it back. The rock went fly back and instead of instant transmission Davion rushed around to the back of the rock sword first. He slasshed the rock with all his mit. One part of the already beatin rock smoothly came off. Davion in amazment took know time to gaze.

He kicked the rock into the air then used instant transmission to reach it once again he rapidly slashed the rock before kicking it down to the ground."Hmmm, ill add a little touch to it." Davion smiled as he fired a small finish buster to finish the job. Once the small but powerful blast hit the rock the blew up. All that was left was a puff of dust in the air. "Rath of Havoc, Modified." Davion chuckle before landing.

Just a role play to sum up the move. P.S. I know thats not my real power level

History - The move originally came from Davion great great great grandfather would thought it to his son and so on. Lawrence's family got it from Lawrence's great grandfather, saw Davion's great grandfather practicing the move in the Arena of Darkness.


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