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Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest)

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Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest) Empty Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest)

Post by Tairu on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:20 pm

Tairu walks slowly on a sandy beach looking around. Waves splash hitting his legs. Tairu looks off into the sky then back over straight ahead to see a man staring at him. Tairu starts walking over toward him and then stops. "Who are you" asked Tairu looking at the man. "Haha Tairu I presume, I see your future is a very interesting one" said the man with a smirk. Tairu looks at the man thinking he might be a little crazy.

"I want to test my theory out, I need you to steal a tooth from a T-Rex" said the man. Tairu looks at him crazily but just decides to go with it not having anything else to do. Tairu floats up in the air. Then see's a T-Rex running after another dinosaur. Tairu levitates down in front of the T-Rex. The T-Rex looks amazed that Tairu just stopped in front of him like that. The T-Rex roars spitting and air flying out at Tairu. Tairu smiles.

Tairu then punches the T-Rex in the nose. The T-Rex roars a hurt roar. "Sorry bout this buddy" said Tairu running toward his mouth and then yanking out a tooth. The T-Rex lets out a loud crying like sound and runs off into the forest. Tairu flies back to the man. "Heres your tooth" said Tairu giving him the tooth.

(Done Grade Me)

Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest) 6f2w4710

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Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest) Empty Re: Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest)

Post by RileyDaKid on Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:45 pm

50+PL for Quest complete
10+PL for Role Play

Tairu meets The Dragon Hermit (Quest) Raumm8
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