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Majin Buu!

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Majin Buu! Empty Majin Buu!

Post by Buu on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:36 am

Appearance: Majin Buu! KigBuuBLAST

Name: Majin Buu

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Race: Majin

Personality:: Hyper, Destructive, Easily angered, always hungry

Marital Status/Crushes:

Starting Planet: Majinz

Alignment: Evil

Clan: None

Techniques: Henka Beam

History: A pink creature created by the wizard Bibidi in the ancient past. Buu destroyed his amounts of the universe, and even a number of the supreme Kai's before his final sealing. Buu was considered so dangerous that his creator kept him in a ball between attacks, and while he was sealed Bibidi was killed by the last surviving Supreme Kai. He believed the threat was over, however Bibidi's son Babidi continued to wander the universe. He finally located the ball holding Buu on Earth, and collected energy from strong fighters in order to free him once again.


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Majin Buu! Empty Re: Majin Buu!

Post by Tairu on Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:35 pm

Great your good to start role playing!

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