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The New Face of Terror

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The New Face of Terror

Post by Ritzusen on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:17 pm

In outer space

Commander Ziro sat in his high chair with his legs and arms crossed. His face was scar ridden and his face was made up like someone had ticked him off. Ziro spun around a little bit and twirled a small piece of wheat in between his fingers. He was thinking about his plan. The commander was an alien and he was headed towards Earth for one reason and one reason only. To destroy it. His first target was Satan City where he would kill Hercule Satan and decimate the town along with him. He would then head for the remaining cities and take them over. Ziro smiled and stuck the wheat in between his tentacles that came from his mouth. The slimy limbs mushed over the wheat making it look as if he was twirling it in his teeth.

"Jarine!" The commander yelled, "How long till we orbit."

"Approximately 50 minutes sir," The command central operator spoke.

Ziro sighed and lifted himself from the chair. He gave a grunt before landing on his boots and moving towards the right wing of the spacecraft. There was a jolt on the ship. This large jolt knocked the commander to the ground with force which surprised him.

"What the heck is going on!" Ziro screamed.

"It appears that there are space pirates out here looking for trouble," Jarine spoke, "It looks like their on the west wing."

"I'll give them trouble. Jarine activate the Space Caster board."

"Yes sir."

Jarine punched in the access code to central weapons center which was behind him. Ziro walked in just to see his Space Caster board fly out from a glass case. The alien grabbed his board and walked over to the exiting door near the pilot seat.

"Slow down some, I'm about to kick some space pirate-"

"Don't say it," The pilot spoke.

He did as commanded and grabbed onto the brakes and pulled some. The ship was now going at its slowest rate. Jarine pressed a button on the touch screen which allowed the door to open. Ziro sped out on his Space Caster board and headed towards the west wing of the space craft. He looked at the space pirates who were bombing at it's sides. He charged a large energy ball in his hand. The electric energy gathered quickly and caused it to grow.

"Eat this!" Ziro yelled.

He heaved forwards on his board and flung his hand out to allow the ball to head towards the attacking ship.

"Hyper mode, quick!" The commander from the pirate ship screamed.

Just as they went into hyper mode, the ball collided with the ship. The explosion was great and there was barely a trace of the space craft. Ziro cackled at the decimation of the ship. There was nothing left. The alien commander flew back towards his spacecraft named: Death grip. It was named after the technique he had just then used to destroy the space pirates. Ziro entered the open door and dismounted his board. He walked back to his chair and sat down.

"Excellent work sir," Jarine spoke.

"Thank you," Ziro replied.

He got comfortable in his chair before asking,

"How much longer?"

The ship was going full speed now and headed forwards with the thrusters and jet boosters online.

"At this rate, 10 minutes."


Ziro brushed his green tentacles down with his hand. He then walked into the weapons room and entered his code.

Access granted. Welcome Ziro

The alien walked into his secret weapons area and started to browse it. He then picked out his finest armor. It was called: Lady Luck for it was never destroyed or even scratched. Ziro then searched for his shape shifter belt. He only had trained himself to use one form on it. And that was the human form which allowed him to disguise himself as a human with claws. He equipped the equipment and headed out.

"45 seconds till impact sir," Jarine spoke as he entered the central area.

The alien pressed the middle button on his shape shifting belt and turned into his human form. Planet Earth was only a little bit away.

Their ship started to burn as they started to enter the planet of Earth. Ziro swung his claws through the air with joy and an actual grin this time. They were now inside of the planet Earth.

"Put up impact shields," Ziro spoke.

Jarine punched in the access code which made the shields come up over the space craft as it crashed into the ground. The doors opened and the troops spilled out. They had landed just off of Satan City. They were only 2 miles out now.

"Let's move."

The soldiers and their commander ran into the city and started to held their intergalactic space weapons in their hand. They pointed at the many houses that were in view and would shoot if any civilian did anything suspicious. Ziro lifted into the air and started towards the ongoing tournament which would have Mr. Satan there to be the returning champ.

Objective at the moment: Head to Satan City and save Hercule and the city from doom.

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