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The Coming

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The Coming Empty The Coming

Post by Tairu on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:42 pm

Quest name: The Coming
(May only be done once)
Quest requirements: To join into this quest you must have a group. Atleast two of the group people must have a PL of 1000. You need atleast three people to start this Quest and as long as you have two people with a PL of 1000 the others dosnt matter what PL they have. They just better be able to hold up there own. (When starting this Quest please post who is going to be in it, Sorry but no late arrivals)

Planet: Earth

Description: A Evil Sayian named Uroth has just landed on Earth. What are his evil plans to do to the Earth all that is known is he is a tough one and you might need the help of some pals.

Part One - You go to confront this new menace but Uroth is not in the mood to fight at the moment so he sends out his little army of Demon Scions. They are very tough each with a Power Level of 300. There strength matches to be about 300 also. The good side is by little there is only about 500 of these creatures. Watch out for there deadly swords and there Dark Bombs (Dark Bombs a Kai Ball that is Black and Purple and when hits someone it explodes)
The Coming Demon_11

Part Two - Whew you all defeated the Minions, that was a hard one but is that it. Oh Great he has Three evil henchman, Of Course he does. Watch yourself these ones all match to have a PL of 500. Great three Henchman all having 500 PL. Also did I add they are all girls! The Brown girls name is Zandrie and she is really tough, her strength isnt much but she has speed of 800. Zandrie is really good with a Sword. Her Sword is the blade of Wrath which may be obtained when you defeat her. The purple girl is known as Tez, she is a very crafty fighter, not much in other stats but her kai is up really high. Kai level of 747, she even has a very powerful Technique called Shenton. This technique is a kai wave that is pretty powerful and is a light blue type color.Which did I mention there is a scroll in her pocket on how to learn the move. The last girl, the green girl is named Auralz. Auralz is a very powerful fighter, her strength and defense are really high. With Strength of 368 and Defense of 478 she is pretty tough oh whoops did I forget her armor is a strong Special Elite Warrior Armor which gives her 2x Defense. So Auralz Defense is 956, Great! Oh but once you defeat her you obtain her Armor.
The Coming Num_9_10
Sword of Wrath
The Coming Sword_10

Part Three - You defeated everything amazing! Now to fight Uroth. His time has finally came enough damage has been caused to the people of Earth. Uroth just smirks laughing he knows you might not have a chance to win (His Power Level changes depending on what the group is fighting him. His Power Level is everyone's PL combined. He has a Speed of 638, Wisdom of 378 , Kai of 589, Strength of 1050 , and Defense of 704) (He has two special abilities which are Evil Kame Wave (Which is a Red Kame Wave with a Purple Aurora) and Slashing Burn (Where he uses his arm to chop your character. While doing that though his arm lights up with a Blue Aurora.) Good Luck in trying to beat this menace.
The Coming Turnap10


Part 1 - 350 PL

Part 2 - The Item you get depends on who you fight, 390 PL

Part 3 - 555 PL, 500 Zenni

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