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The Sword Master

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The Sword Master Empty The Sword Master

Post by Tairu on Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:13 pm

Quest: Your walk a long a old dusty path and come across a huge mansion. Despite you not knowing who lives there your very hungry so you run up and knock on the door. After the woman lets you in and you eat a little you notice his collection of millions of swords. You ask about them all and she lets you know she is a legendary Sword Master named Gorgea. You remember you have a sword and asked to be trained under her. She wants to know what your made of before she is willing to train you. She then pulls out a blade. "Lets See What you got" she smirks. You must challenge her now great lets see what she is made of.
The Sword Master Sword_11

Reward: 50 PL

Requirements: You must have a sword

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