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Half Breed Saiyans

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Half Breed Saiyans Empty Half Breed Saiyans

Post by Vegeta on Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:39 pm

Half saiyans- They are strong, and can go super saiyan faster than a full blooded saiyan, Although they cant go super saiyan three.

Half Breed Saiyans Oozaru
Info: These giant apes can destroy buildings, and lose their minds, killing innocent people and destroying everything in their paths like tornadoes.
Required PL:None ( you need a full moon)
Last: 7 post or when someone chops off your tail
Gains: +50 each stat +100 strength

Super Saiyan
Half Breed Saiyans Dragon_ball_gt_21
Info: Little kids these days can go super saiyan, and can achieve this transformation faster and longer than full blooded, although its not as strong.
Required: 5,000 PL
Last:15 post
Gains: +100 stats +150 strength and speed

Super saiyan 2

Last: 20 post Half Breed Saiyans Gohan_terreur
Info: You get a huge pl spike and your hair gets much higher and spikier, Sparks flying off your aura too.
Required: 10,000 PL
Last: 30 post
Gains: +300 stat +400 strength +500 speed

Once your out your transformation, you go back to your regular forms stats.

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