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Clan Template

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Clan Template Empty Clan Template

Post by RileyDaKid on Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:59 pm

Copy and paste this template in a new topic and fill out the information in the template. In the template, please delete the guidelines marked around with parenthesis " (like this) ".

Alliance Name:

Description: (What goals, intentions, beliefs, etc. does your alliance have? Any general appearances like alliance symbols or clothing?)

History: (Optional; state any previous history about your alliance.)

Alliance Ranks: (Any ranks distributed to alliance members. Leaders may only distribute them.)

Founder/Leader: (Who made up, or current leaders of the alliance.)

Alliance Members: (List them all down with their ranks beside their names if you want.)

Leader's Orders: (state them, make as long as you want.)

Enemy Alliances (Enemies of the Clan)

Hitlist (People your aiming to kill)

Alliance Symbol (The symbol for your group)

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