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Earth Quest - The Style of The Dragon

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Earth Quest - The Style of The Dragon Empty Earth Quest - The Style of The Dragon

Post by Future Trunks on Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:28 am

Quest Name:The Style of The Dragon

Quest Requirements:Must complete "The Dragon Hermit"

Planet: Earth

Rewards: 120 PL

Quest:Of All else why not learn this fierce style. Good thing he thinks your pretty good. Oh you ask what his name is well they call him Master Roxoz. He teaches a very well style and only certain fighters have ever got trained by him. It is a wonder what he really can and can't do I guess we will all just see what he can do by following his commands. He needs you to train. What a better way then to bring you out into the desert.

Other:Cannot be done if you have done the Turtle Hermit or Crane Hermit

Story:I stand at the ready on the hot sand as the sun beats down on us. A slight breeze blows the lines of sand past us, but it is anything but refreshing. As even the wind burns when it hit my skin. Master Roxoz paces back and forth in front of me in silence. After a few scorching moments he stops in front of me and says, "Drop and give me 100 push-ups." Without hesitation I fall to the ground and begin pumping out push-ups. The sand stings my hands and sweat drips from my face down my nose. Half way through a drop hits me in the eye, but I close it tight and continue on. 90,91,92 I can feel the sun burning the back of my neck 93,94,95, almost there 96,97,98,99,100. Whew... I climb back to my feet and even as I lift my hands from the sand they still burn. "Ready yourself." Master Roxoz calls to me. I mimic Master Roxoz fighting stance. With lightning speed he launches a barrage of attacks at me. I do my best to block or dodge each of the incoming attacks, but a few make it through. He throws right jab that I bat aside, but pain in my hand causes me to only slightly alter the blow. He throws a left hook and I duck under it. He then kicks toward my face, I bring my left arm up to block and take most of the blow on my arm, but the force knocks me back. I roll with the blow and throw a wild spinning kick. I hit nothing but air, and feel his fist slam into my stomach. "You need to fight through the pain." I hear him say. I bit back the pain and through three punches in quick succession. Right hook, left hook, right hook. Master Roxoz nimbly steps out of the way of all three punches. He the spins off his back heel and kicks toward my head. I drop low and swipe his leg out from under him. He falls hard on the burning sand, but quickly hops back to his feet. "Very good." he says as he prepares for another round. The wind shifts and Master Roxoz expression becomes serious. Now the real training begins. A rogue sandstorm blows in around us. I can barely see what is right in front of my face and the sand is stinging my skin and eyes. I close my eyes to stop the pain and hear nothing but the roar of the wind and sand. "Hiiiiyah!!" Master Roxoz charges me and I swing my arms wildly to stop him. Right jab, left hook, right hook. He land three blows on me and drops me to the ground. It seems as though the ground has gotten even hotter. I am at the point of exhaustion and I feel like quitting. "Look not with your eyes, but with your ki!!" Master Roxoz shouts, "Now stand up." I force myself back to my feet and focus on ki. At first nothing happens... then I begin to make out a faint sense of something to my right. I dodge at the last second and a punch narrowly misses me. Without hesitation I gather my remaining strength and kick into the energy with all the force I can muster. "UUGGH!! Stop... well... done..." I hear through the storm. "You have done well now let get out of here." "Thank you Master." I bow and we walk side by side out of the storm...
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Earth Quest - The Style of The Dragon Empty Re: Earth Quest - The Style of The Dragon

Post by Tairu on Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:35 pm


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Earth Quest - The Style of The Dragon 6f2w4710

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