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Techniques Empty Techniques

Post by Tairu on Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:16 pm

Well we have had some problems understanding the Techniques and whats just Kai Manipulation.
For starters you started out with One Technique and Kai Blast.

The Kai Manipulation
If you want to manipulate your Kai in different ways such as sending Kai Volts through people it will be counted as a technique. Ya it is Kai but Kai Blasts are the only Kai Manipulation your character starts off knowing. Kai is a force in your body that you would have to practice using so Kai Blasts alone would probably be like a Technique and so when you make a character I will add Kai Blasts to your techniques. To get any other Kai Manipulation type things you would have to work for it.

Techniques are one of the main things in DBZ Universe. It will be something your character may start off with one of. Now a few things for techniques you may learn up to two a week which is good so people arent over flowing with techniques but you must have a really good role play for it. Also each character may only have up to 21 techniques. This will make each character unique and adding a great way for people to vary in different abilities.

Kind of it for now! If any questions please ask. I most likely will be updating this later.

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