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Earth Quest- Dodon Ray!

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Earth Quest- Dodon Ray! Empty Earth Quest- Dodon Ray!

Post by Future Trunks on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:44 pm

Quest name: Dodon Ray!

Quest Description: You've decided to come back to the school of the crane in search of further training from Master Shen. He now instructs you to meditate with him for awhile, he claims that it is necessary in order to learn the Dodon Ray. Once this is done, he will teach you the technique; but the training for it isn't very easy.

Quest Requirements: "The Style of The Crane", Must be Neutral or Lower


Rewards: 65 Pl, Dodon Ray

Other: Cannot Be Done if you have completed "The Turtle Hermit" or "The Dragon Hermit"

Story:As I enter the School of the Crane dojo as see Master Shen meditating in the center of the room. I make my way to the center of the room and take a seat in front of Master Shen. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Deep breath in and hold... slow release of air... deep breath in and hold... slow release of air... I feel calm and focused. Master Shen's voice cuts through the silence like a knife,"Welcome Trunks, you are ready to learn the Dodon Ray." My eyes pop open in surprise at the sound of his voice. Master Shen stands up and motions for me to stand as well. I stand and watch as Master Shen walks to the right side of the room. "Stand across from me, over there." He says as he waves his hand to the left side of the room. I make my way to the other side of the room. When I get there I notice that there are three training dolls lining the wall and three more behind Master Shen. He takes a fighting stance, "Do as I do." He says right before he points one finger and me and shouts, "DODON RAY!!" His finger glows red and a beam of energy shoots out of it and flies past me, toward one of the dolls. The beam hits the doll square in the face and it explodes. Dust and cloth fall around it. "Your turn." he says pointing to the dolls behind him. I raise my right hand and point my finger at one of the dolls. "Focus your energy in your finger and quickly release it." I hear Master Shen say from across the room. I focus my energy and feel it build in my finger. I release the energy and say, "Dodon Ray!!" Nothing happens... Master Shen Raise his finger and says, "Dodon Ray!!" A red beam leaves his finger and blasts another doll in the head. "You must focus!! And do it quickly I only have one more doll..." Master Shen says with a wicked smile. I raise my hand again. Calming my mind, I focus my energy into my finger and shout, "Dodon Ray!!" My finger glows red and a weak beam hits the wall behind the doll. "Again!!" Master Shen barks. I aim my finger, charge my energy and shout "DODON RAY!!" A red beam of energy leaves my finger and blasts into the chest of the doll. The impact blasts a hole straight through! Master Shen looks over at the doll and nods his consent. "Very good. You may leave now." I bow to Master Shen and he returns the bow, then returns to his spot in the center of the dojo and resumes meditating. "Not much for talking I guess..." I mutter to myself as I make my way out of the dojo.
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