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Custom Race (Aliens)

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Custom Race (Aliens) Empty Re: Custom Race (Aliens)

Post by Tairu on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:33 pm

All custom races can start out with a maximum of 500 PL (It may be lower if you want it to be)

A custom race is a race which you create yourself. In order to do this you must follow a set of rules.
Custom Race (Aliens) Zarbon10
1)It can not be uber, it needs to have weaknesses and strengths which makes it unique.
2)It cannot exceed 4 transformations
3)Like I stated it's base PL will still be 500 unless you want it lowered.

After you read this go to character creation copy the template below fill it out then send the topic. Afterwords scroll down to read the next step.




Techniques: (Choose 2 Must write a description of that technique, can be made up)

Items: (Choose 1 item a beginner would use example: a senzu bean or a sword)

Character Description: (Can use a picture)

Character Bio:(Doesn't need to be long)

Starting Planet:
Other:(Any other information you want included, just paste here.)

Ok next you must reply to this character sheet and within it you must fill out the below template and I will either accept it or tell you no.

Race Name:
Race Description:

Techniques:(Upto 3 must be reasonable)(We will have a list of some if you can't think of any)

Transformations:(Upto 4 must fill out this template for each transformation)
Transformation Name:
Picture Here:(Optional)
Transformation Description:
Required PL:
Gained While In This Transformation:
After filling out the above make a little sentence in Italics. In this sentence you will tell more details like which specific way to acquire this Transformation, whether it gives a boost to stats. etc.

Now fill out the above template 3 more times if you wish to have 4 transformations.

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