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The Race Majins

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The Race Majins Empty The Race Majins

Post by Tairu on Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:00 pm

Majins start off with 800 PL

This race of pink people is one that can actually get very powerful. Majins actually are some of the best at finding some good treats to eat and not to bad at making some there self. This race can be taken as one that is not serous but in reality can be one that can be very serous. Do not get me wrong they are actual really playful too.

The Race Majins Majinz10
Special Techniques -
Flight - The ability to fly
Regeneration - The ability to regenerate there body parts
Flexible - Able to stretch really far and stretch and wrap every inch of his body around the target.

Transformations -
(You must have enough PL with out absorbing someone to absorb someone)
(You may only absorb someone with the same or lower PL as you)
Absorption 1 person

The Race Majins Form_110
This transformation is obtained when a Majin finally has enough power level to absorb someone to help them gain the power they need to defeat there enemy. Not much of change is added to the Majin except that they end up having so distinctive features that the person they absorbed had.
Required: 9000 PL
Gained While In this form: Plus the PL the person absorbed had
Lasts: 12 posts (That’s when the person absorbed escapes)
Well I think you have noticed you cant win this fight! You might need just a little power boost.

Absorption 2 People
The Race Majins Form_210
This Transformation is obtained when the Majin has enough PL to absorb two people. One person was fun for you but why quit your still not the strongest it the world yet.
Required : 30,000 PL
Gained While In this Form : Plus the PL of the two people you absorbed
Lasts : 10 Posts (That’s when they both escape)
Well why not the more power and I will be the strongest so I guess I will absorb two people!

Absorption 3 People
The Race Majins Form_10
Now you have enough power to absorb three people this will be a great advantage in a fight well you might want to use this well.
Required: 60,000 PL
Gained in this form : Plus the PL of the three people you absorbed
Lasts : 6 Posts (Its hard to keep them all down)
You most likely have enough power now to stop the person right. Hopefully you made the right choice in who to absorb.

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