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The Race of Humans

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The Race of Humans Empty The Race of Humans

Post by Tairu on Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:37 pm

Starting PL 300

Humans - Humans are the weakest of all races. They aren't very strong or speedy but when trained the right way they can become that of the power of a Saiyan. It takes hard work training a Human but the efforts pay off.

Techniques -
Energy Sphere - A Large Ki sphere generated to cause damage anyone within a 10 metre radius. If it touches anything it immediately explodes.
After Every 100,000 PL can learn any move of their choice, it can be created.

Transformations -
The Race of Humans Ghghgg10
The user is completely enraged and has lost control over their emotions. The user gains incredible strength and speed but loses the ability to use KI. This makes them very vulnerable if they don't have a trick up their sleeves. They gain a very thick blue Aura so you can barely see the user.
Required: 6000PL
Gained While In This Transformation: 6000PL, incredible strength, incredible speed.
Lasts: 5 Posts
This can only be accessed by an emotional trigger. This technique can never be controlled because it acts as basic human emotions.

Super Human
The Race of Humans Hhhhhh10
The user has become a super Human. By harsh training and not resting at all. All your efforts have paid off and you have finally transformed becoming a powerful warrior you can be proud of. The thick aura you once had has become a thin blue Aura and your eye pupils turn darker.
Required: 100,000 PL
Gained While In This Transformation: 1.5x Your Maximum PL
Lasts: 5 Posts until 200,000 PL
This can only be accessed by have the required PL then harsh training pushing your body to it's limits.

Ultra Human
The Race of Humans Jjjjjj10
The user has trained their super human powers to become a Ultra Human. You have increased speed and strength, more than rage and super Human put together. You have enough energy to take out a super Saiyan. The effects stay the same as Super Human but your pupils go darker than before.
Required: 1,500,000 PL
Gained While In This Transformation: 3.0x your Maximum PL
Lasts: 4 Posts until 3,000,000 PL

The Ultimate Human
The Race of Humans Jjjjjj10
The user has trained to their very limits and has become an Ultimate Human. This is the final Human transformation and increases the users strength and speed tenfold making this the true Human Transformation.
Required: 5,500,000
Gained While In This Transformation: 4.5x Your Maximum PL 4x Strength, 3x Speed
Lasts: 3 Posts until 11,000,000 PL
To gain this transformation you must have the required Pl and train Ultra Human under gravity training. This training can be so harsh many humans have died from it and had to have restarted training for Ultimate Human.

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