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????Quests???? Empty ????Quests????

Post by Tairu on Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:57 pm

Now people let me tell you about doing some quests.

Q. How many quests can I do a day?
A. Well see to make sure your not doing so many quests since this will usally give more PL then just training on your own, you may only do two a day.

Q. How do I accept a Quest?
A. Just put the title of the quest on your title for the new topic you are doing.

Q. If someone else did that quest can I still do it?
A. Of course

Q. May I do a quest more then once?
A. Really it depends but there will be lots more quests so why would you want to?

Q. May I suggest some Quests?
A. Sure put it in the suggestions!

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