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Another THING we forgot to mention early

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Another THING we forgot to mention early Empty Another THING we forgot to mention early

Post by Tairu on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:31 pm

Ok well this actually something you all should know. We will be turning the adventures you role play into DBZ Episodes we can watch. It will be like our own DBZ series. You all will be in it some people may have bigger roles then others and it all depends. It is another reason to sign up. Really my dream is to buy rights to DragonBallZ so by you joining and us making these adventures together will be something I can show Akira when I ask to buy it from him and we make episodes. For now though me(Tairu) and Riley are going to make it from flash. So it all depends will you be the main charcter or die right away. This dosnt mean show off and get your self killed. This is another thing to work toward. This is one of the millions of ways we can bring DBZ back to life. I love DBZ and I do not wanna see it die. So please people sign up and get your friends to join!!!

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