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Henka Beam

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Henka Beam

Post by Buu on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:36 am

Technique Name - Henka Beam

Technique Type - Kai Attack

That type of Kai - Beam

Color - Pink

How to learn it - Buu was created knowing it. Other Majin can learn it either by learning it from him, or by practicing controlling the ki in their forelocks.

Any Form You Must Be - N/A

Info - A pink beam of energy fired from the forelock, which transforms the target into whatever the user wants! Though if they're stronger, then even in this form they'll be able to keep attacking, and the user may end up being beaten up by candy. They will remain in this form for three turns, before turning back to normal. The user can also just use the move at the end of the fight and eat them.

How to perform it - First the user must charge their forelock with ki, before firing it foreward as a semi-electric beam. On impact they simply need to say or think about what they want, and the target will turn into it! The major difficulty in learning it is learning just how to make the beam transform them.

History - One of the most famous techniques of the Majin race, originally used by Buu. It was an inborn skill to him, and so he never needed to learn it, and since then other majin have managed to figure out the secret. With the species love for candy, it needless to say became a very popular technique.


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