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A Hero is Born

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A Hero is Born Empty A Hero is Born

Post by RileyDaKid on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:01 pm

"I think I picked a fight with the wrong android," the beaten Davion thought to himself. "Always trying to be a hero," He went on "That hero stuff is over rated." Davion Base laid in the middle of a road in west city. He was faced with a big problem, A very mean android that doesn't like humans or any other living thing. "Man I need to get up before he gets over here." Davion mumbled before spiting blood and dirt out of his mouth. Before he found the strength to push his batter body up Destructo came walking towards him "Hehe," the android chuckled before grabbing Davion's black hair. Dazzed, Davion looked around some. He saw screaming running figures running in a blur. "Weak." Destructo laughed before blasting Davion in the chest forcing him to fly back into a local clothing store.

Screams, cries, and Crashes woke up Davion from his unconchance nap. He looked over and saw the hoodie he wanted "Man, it still looks good with dirt all over it." the Dazed Davion said as he laid in a pile of cloths. He got up and brushed his self off. "Haha! This city is finished!" Destructo laughed as he blasted buildings and people. Davion looked in the distance at the floating robot blast down the people "Hey! you there! stop thaa.." Davion said before falling back down. Destructo continued to blast people and things not having a clue that Davion have woken back up. "Hey!!! Stop that!" Davion shouted unchancely at Destructo. The android still had no clue. Davion began to get heated. His eye turn silver. "You must have a hearing problem." Davion said in anger.

Eyes in there furious silver color Davion Base the young vigilante was standing in West City clothing store. The evil android Destructo continued murdering and destroying buildings and people. Davion had his eye set out on his next move "Alright that's it!" Davion angrily shouted before he rushed toward the evil android. Destructo was to busy killing people to notice the furious Davion rush. "Argggggg!" Davion grunted as he tackled Destructo. POW, POW, POW. Davion rough fist slammed in to Destructo's metal face. The android kicked Davion up word before firing 4 ki blast at Davion chest. Destructo ludged up word to slam his body on Davion. He grabbed Davion's face and threw him head first to a tall building.

The body of a 13 year old was stuck into the side of a business building. "Hehehe... You throw like a..." Davion said before falling off the building. Destruto hear Davion, he got very angry. As he was falling Destructo caught him half way and tackled him threw the large building. Destruto threw Davion back to the ground "Who's the punk now" He said angrily. Davion laid on the ground, "How do I beat him?" He thought. "Hey ugly, how about you come over here and I'll put these size 9's up your butt to show your insides some style!" Davion chuckled as he stood up to try and power up. "WHAT?!?!" The android said furiously before turning around. His red aura was visible around him. His power level raised to 2,000. "Ya, lets see what you got!" Davion shout. His power level was about 1,000. The evil angry android rushed blindly toward Davion in a furious of anger. Davion quickly slashed Destruto in his ar making a large cut, so deep it made his arm hang. "Hehehe! Argggg!" he ripped his arm off and rushed at Davion again. Davion avoided to oncoming android and charged a Ki blast. "Take it!" Davion threw the half power finish buster at the armless Destruto. The blast took of half of Destrutos body. "That's not going to stop me!" His shouted as he tried to stand on one leg.

Now it was quiet. Davion stood looking at the half way destroyed Destructo. He slow took his sword back out and preformed Rath of Havoc to finish of Destructo. "Pew.." Davion walk back into the clothing store and grabbed the hoodie. He picked it up and dusted it off. "Man this looks pretty good." Davion smiled as he walk out of the cloth store. "Who every said I could beat someone with 2,000 PL haha proved them wrong!"

Done grade please.

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A Hero is Born Empty Re: A Hero is Born

Post by Tairu on Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:19 pm

Great but Androids cant power. I will let this slide but maybe do a little more research on DBZ.


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