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Namek Take Over

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Namek Take Over Empty Namek Take Over

Post by Tairu on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:52 pm

(Quest may only be done once)
(This quest may be only done once ever)
(Only 16 Days To Complete Before Androids Take Over)
(You may want a small group to help)

A group of five androids have appeared on the planet. Nameks run and scream as the destruction on there planet starts. "Ahh" screams a Namek running. Just as the Android that goes by Android 11 kicked the Namek in the head making its head fly off. "Touch Down" shouted the happy Android 22 which had its tail hanging which it could use to absorb more power. "Hehe" smirked Android 2 crossing his arms looking at the good job that was done. More Nameks had run by screaming and crying for there lives. Just as Android 23 flew straight through the Nameks killing them. Just as Android 1 stepped out from the smoke then started blasting some Namikian houses. Android stepped out with his sorta messed up body. "Heehe" Android 22 giggled looked around at the damage. Android 23 flew down next to Android 2. "So since your the leader of this stupid mission, whats next" asked Android 23 to Android 2. Android 2 turned to him and then said "We must take over the planet, so exterminate the Nameks" said Android 2 smirking. Just then the Androids walked over toward there Space Craft and let out Over 1,000 Androids. It was now a war Androids vs Nameks.

Description - Quickly all warriors have been notified about this war going. Namek needs more warriors to fight. You fly to the scene of disaster over 100 Androids surround you great! You might want some friends to help you out. Your mission to defeat atleast 100 Androids. Oh the Androids got a PL of 250 Each this is just Perfect.

Quest requirements: Must be on Planet Namek and must have a PL of 500

Planet: Namek

(When you put your doing this Quest at the top please put a roster of who is doing the Quest with you)

Rewards : Nameks will reward you a hefty price of 900 Zenni

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