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The Stat System

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The Stat System Empty The Stat System

Post by Tairu on Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:01 pm

Here is the stat information most commonly used.
The Stat System Small_11
Strength: Your over all strength
Defense: Your over all defense
Speed: How Fast You Are
Ki: Your basic level of Ki
Wisdom: Your knowledge of attacks - your attacks are somewhat boosted because you know everything about a certain move depending on how high your wisdom is.
Stamina: This is how much you can do during training, once this is 0 you will die and be in the after world. For each 1000 power level you have is an extra 150 stamina you will have.

This is the basic information we talk about when we refer to transformations.

For Example:

Mystic Namekian has 5x speed. Therefore your speed is increased by 5x more than average. This basically just means your faster.

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