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DragonBalls Empty DragonBalls

Post by Tairu on Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:22 pm

The Dragonballs are Mystic Artifacts which depending on their type allows you to grant a certain set of wishes. But sometimes these wishes are limited.

Finding Them
Finding the Dragonballs is done by making an RP post on a certain place trying to find these artifacts you have a very limited chance in finding these as the stronger the dragonball's the harder it is to find them. This can take months to find these. The key is to never stop looking and try searching in places most people would never look.

The Dragonballs
Earth Dragon-Balls
DragonBalls Earth_10
These are the original set of Dragon Balls for the earth. They were created when Mr. Popo asked Kami to give life to a small dragon model he had made. Kami did this but added the Dragon Balls onto this to give humans something to work towards. But they were misused for evil often and Kami was not going to allow their existence until good people like Goku changed his mind.

These Balls Can only Grant 2 Wishes

Namekian Dragonballs
DragonBalls Namek_10
Namekian Dragon Balls: The original set of Dragonballs which originate from the Planet Namek. They were created from the dreams of Guru, hence Porunga's meaning to be "God of Dreams" in Namekian. The Dragon Balls on Namek are much larger than the ones on Earth due to their increased power.

These Balls Can Only Grant 3 Wishes and a namekian must summon Porunga for you.

Black Star Dragon Balls
DragonBalls Black_11
Black Star Dragonballs: These balls were also created by Kami, but when he was originally fused with Piccolo, since Kami was so strong when these were created they have incredible power.

These Dragonballs Can only Grant One Wish

Certain wishes you make you can't do depending on the Power of the Dragon.

(Remember the Dragonballs are hard to find)

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