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Rules for Rise Past Glory

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Rules for Rise Past Glory Empty Rules for Rise Past Glory

Post by Tairu on Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:48 pm

1. Well our first rule a actually pretty easy one but each account may only have one character. If you make another account please keep up with both of them. We would rather you just have one account.

2. Anything Me(Tairu) or Riley says goes. We do not want you back talking us.

3. Please be active. If you don't think you can be dedicated to at least doing something once a week then this RPG is not for you. Inactives will be removed after about a month of no activity. Unless you have a reason in the good byes of why you are gone.

4. Please do not spam the forums. Spamming includes any posts that are shorter than 1 sentence, have annoying pictures or links, advertising, derailing topics, or posting general nonsense that does not contribute to the discussion.

5. Do not post nudity on the forums. Whether this be in picture form, video form, or in the form of a link to a site that contains it.

6. Respect all other members at all times. Remember, this is a game provided to people so that they may have fun. You do not have the right to rob someone else of the fun they might have. This rule broadly covers everything from trolling/flaming to racism.

7. Do not argue with staff or block staff on AIM. Listen to what they have to say. They are wise. If you do have a problem with something the staff has done, send a PM to Tairu.

8. If you have a problem with another member or a staff member, try to talk to them first. If it cannot be resolved between you two, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Do not post your problems on the board because it will only cause more problems. Contacting staff will ensure that your conflict is resolved.

9. You are allowed one picture in your forum signature that is of a reasonable height and width.

10. Do not ask about RP Bonuses. If you properly reported your bonus, it will be included. If you reported incorrectly, you will receive a PM telling you so. If you reported late, they will be in next weeks bonuses at half gains (see rp bonuses page). If it doesn't show up in next weeks bonus, there might have been an error with the PM system and you should re-report it. If the bonuses are not up yet, they will be shortly so stop asking.

11. No sexual content allowed. Obviously this can be bended to some degree but keep it to a PG-13 level and it should be fine.

12. When roleplaying, do not control or kill off other characters or site-made NPCs without permission from that character or a site administrator (in the case of NPCs).

13. When roleplaying in battles, remember that you are not God so you should not God-mode nor auto-hit your opponent. It would not be fun if you were to simply shrug off hits repeatedly. Auto-hitting is defined as roleplaying that you hit your opponent with an attack before they have a chance to reply or defend themselves. It is always wiser to "attempt" a strike.


• If you have a problem, please PM one of the staff members (preferably an Admin) regarding the issue. The staff will work to get the issue resolved in a satisfactory manner.
• First offense (if minor) a warning will be issued. If major offense, 1-3 day suspension. *
• Second offense will result in another warning or a 1-7 day suspension if major.
• Third offense will result in a 1-30 day suspension.
• Fourth offense is an account ban when appropriate.
• After a suspension or ban is dealt, the staff will deliberate on it the next few days. In deliberation, the issue is carefully looked at. The punishment can then be lifted, shortened, or upheld.

*Admins may ban even for a first offense if severe enough.

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